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Fishing Strike Mod APK is a challenging fishing game that will take you to the serene waters. You'll be able to catch fish, upgrade your gear and boat in hopes of catching bigger ones!
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Fishing Strike Mod APK is a challenging fishing game that will take you to the serene waters. You’ll be able to catch fish, upgrade your gear and boat in hopes of catching bigger ones! This beautiful free-to-play title can provide hours upon endearing entertainment for all ages with its immersive graphics and addicting gameplay.

Game Overview:

The best fishing games in the market are all about catching fish and enjoying a pleasant experience. But if you’re looking for a more challenging game, then Fishing Strike Mod APK is perfect for you. It’s not your average fishing game but with this mod, it will definitely be worth playing!

It has simple controls that make it easy to play even for beginners. The gameplay is also very addicting which will make you want to keep playing until you reach your daily quest limit. With its new features like catching rare fish, upgrading equipment, and battling with other players, this modded apk makes fishing even more fun than what it already is. This modded version of Fishing Strike APK offers unlimited money.

It will allow you to experience the thrill of catching different types of fish in various locations around the world, including docks, rivers and lakes. The graphics are 3D and extremely realistic, making it feel like you’re actually fishing in real life. There are more than seven hundred species of fish available for players to catch!

Features of Fishing Strike Mod:

Realistic Graphics

Experience the thrill of fishing with stunning 3D graphics. The game will feel like you’re actually fishing in real life!

Variety of Fish

There are more than seven hundred species to choose from! You can catch fish like salmon, trout, catfish, and others.

Upgrade System

Catch rare fish to acquire valuable materials that can be used for upgrading your equipment.

Chatting Function

Use the chat function to interact with other players around the globe. Now you can make new friends while playing!

Daily Quests

Complete daily quests to earn large rewards that will help boost your progress in the game.

Different Locations to Explore

There are seven locations – USA, Greece, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Iceland, and France for players to explore! Catch wild fish prevalent only in these areas.

Angler Skills and a feeling of tension

In the fishing strike mod apk they introduced an angler skill system that allowed players to develop their fishing experience by acquiring various abilities. This year, we plan on releasing a new section where you can choose specific skills to suit your fishing styles or just simply select any one depending on your moods and catches.

VR and AR technology

Experience the ultimate outdoor fishing experience with the two most cutting-edge technologies in gaming are VR and AR. One smartphone game will have the ultimate outdoor fishing experience with Virtual Reality, which has already made an appearance on popular mobile titles like Pokemon Go as well as Jurassic World Alive for augmented reality technology! As a result Fishing Strike Games promises to be fantastic thanks to both new innovations that gamers love(VR) or traditional playstyles they know (AR).

Tips for playing the Fishing Strike Mod APK:

You’re a lucky fisherman if you catch the one of a kind fish that only appears in this game. There are a few ways to catch fish in this game. If you don’t manage to get any legendary creatures, it means that your skills as fishermen will never become a legend! Catch them while they’re still around because it’s nearly impossible to detect at regular intervals! If not? You’ll never know what could have been… Virginia Quay has an opportunity for sure – there are legendary creatures dwelling right on its waters and once your line sinks into their mouths they will be yours forevermore! They might even grant access or unlock new abilities with certain licenses depending on which ones get taken so don’t hesitate before trying out Angler Chests when available (they come along occasionally).

Fishing Strike Guide:

If you are looking for a guide, strategies, techniques to play the game, you have come to the right place. We will explain how fishing mechanics work in the Fishing Strike fishing game so that you can catch more fish and earn more gold.

Before we start talking about fishing strike game guide or fishings strike mod apk guide, first, let’s see how fishing works in the Fishing Strike game.

Fishing mechanics in the game:

The game will ask you to choose your fishing rod before you can start catching fish. Each rod stats are different and unlocks different items, so do check out each piece of equipment carefully before selecting them.

Most of the time, you will not need to wait too long before a fish swims by and you can start your chance to catch it with a tap. The longer it takes for the fishes to swim by, the less likely it is that they will be interested in eating your bait or lures.

After successfully catching a fish with your rod, you can keep on catching fish consecutively. However, the more fish that you catch in a row without letting the fish escape will give you more bonus points.

Each consecutive strike of fish will be marked on your line with red dots. The number of consecutive strikes is also listed under your player information panel beside your level or XP bar.

The higher the number of consecutive strikes you have, the better is your chance to catch large fish. You might also get lucky and capture an epic or legendary fish!

If you are unlucky enough to let the fish escape while your rod is still recharging, it will break your line and no bonus points will be given out either.

Different types of Fishes in the Fishing Strike Mod APk Game:

There are currently 4 different types of fish that players can catch in a fishing strike game

  • Small Fish
  • Medium Fish
  • Large Fish
  • Legendary Fish (whale)

Here’s the basic information about each fish species:

Small fish give a small amount of EXP points when successfully caught. They can be sold for copper coins.

Medium fish gives more EXP points when successfully caught. They can be sold for silver coins.

Large fish gives even more EXP points, however, they cannot be sold since it is not enough to make money. You can either keep them or use them as ingredients in cooking quests later on.

Legendary fish (whale) is the highest class of all fishes in-game and can give out a huge amount of EXP points when successfully caught. However, their meat cannot be cooked into anything useful that gains players any type of advantage in gameplay, except maybe gain some sort of boast if you are lucky enough to catch one! That said, they are definitely worth holding onto until you get your fishing rod level high enough so that you can catch better fish!

Tips to get more EXP points and better fishing rods:

Do check on your map for the current fish spawn rate. These fishes are marked in different colors, with green representing common species of fish, while orange and red representing the rare types of fish or schools of fishes (usually pink dots).

Fishes like the legendary whale will not show up very often but they do come by from time to time during certain hours of the day. However, if you see a school marker on your map, make haste over there and try your luck catching as many fishes as possible!

However, you can get bonus EXP points when you get consecutive strikes while catching a school of fish swimming instead of just catching one after another. This is because each consecutive strike against a school of fishes will be counted as a single fish, instead of having to catch it multiple times over and over again.

In addition, the higher EXP points you can get from a single school of fish means you have a better chance of catching legendary fish later on!

You need daily quests completed for your fishing rod too…

The more daily quests or other side quests that you complete in-game, the faster is your progress towards leveling up your fishing rod. Of course, it would make sense to do these quests even without considering this aspect since they give out decent EXP points which help in leveling up at earlier stages of gameplay.

The last thing that I want to mention here is about getting new fishing rods with better stats (more durable). Try to get on your boat and move around, exploring different areas of the map. This is because different fishing rods have better durability for catching fish in certain areas of the map.

For Example:

you can find a rod with more or less durability depending on how far out sea you are (beyond the outskirts of the map) compared to where it is located within the map boundary itself.

The best fishing rods are unlocked after completing different types of quests in-game so do check your quest dialogue box for further details.

Latest Update 2021:

Fishing is a great way to spend your spare time. But it’s easy for beginners who are not as skilled with the fishing rod and reel. The Facebook action games allow you to try out different styles of catching fish without having any experience at all! Once someone taps on an icon in one of these Facebook game apps they’ll be able to see what kind of catch was made today – whether or not that particular choice will work-and then have another chance if need be before finally being sent back into review mode again so keep trying until something good happens 🙂

Final thoughts on the game Fishing Strike Mod APK:

Fishing Strike Mod APK is not your average fishing game. It will provide hours of entertainment for all ages. With its immersive graphics and addicting gameplay. You’ll be able to catch fish, upgrade your gear and boat in hopes of catching bigger ones! This beautiful free-to-play title can provide hours upon endearing entertainment for all ages with its immersive graphics and addicting gameplay.


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