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Gear Club MOD APK is an amazingly realistic racing game that features over 400 races and a variety of different tracks to compete on.
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Gear Club MOD APK is an amazingly realistic racing game that features over 400 races and various tracks to compete on. The game’s engine was developed in partnership with racecar engineers, allowing users to drive some of the world’s most exclusive cars at speeds up to 300 km/h!

Gear Club True Racing Mod Apk being an addictive mobile gaming app, Gear Club also provides gamers with a sense of realism as the cars are based on real-life vehicles from manufacturers like Audi, BMW, and Porsche. There are over 60 cars to choose from and more than 20 unique tracks across four continents (Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa).

Here you can build your car from scratch. You also have the option of adding in different modifications, such as changing tires or upgrading engine parts, all while looking for shortcuts on the map.

Game Overview

The game is set on a fictional island named Gran Turismo. The player starts with their newly purchased car that they must tune and maintain to race against opponents for money, parts, new cars, and other prizes. Players can also take on side jobs from the local racing teams (which provide extra income) or search through scrap yards for rare items. One of these items includes blueprints that unlock more powerful engine parts when discovered. 

The game features many modes like “GT League,” where players compete in races around Japan. “Cup Series,” where players drive against computer-controlled opponents (or friends) to collect points over several rounds. “Tuning Setups,” where players are given four random vehicles to upgrade as best they can.


The goal is to beat everyone else by being the first across the finish line! To advance through levels and earn cash to buy better cars, players can or play matches online with other people around the world, or they can go against offline opponents and try their luck at finding hidden treasure chests along their way.

You can race solo or compete against other drivers in multiplayer mode, which includes online asynchronous races and live tournaments!



Controls are straightforward to master in Gear Club. Players can either pause and switch between the buttons and sensor controls.

Button controls are used to accelerate, brake, select an item for use (nitro, slow down), and switch between different camera modes.

Sensors control the steering of your car by using the gyro sensor of the device. Moving the device left and right will turn your car accordingly. Tilting it up and down will control your acceleration and braking, respectively, while moving it forward and backward will shift the camera perspective. You can also select sensitivity levels as per your performance like low, medium, high.

Gear.Club Controls


There are different cars to choose from in Gear Club, allowing players to select the best vehicle for each race! The game also allows them to build their car from scratch, a great feature that gamers will enjoy!

In Gear Club, players can purchase cars from dealerships located on the map. These include Porsches, BMWs, Bugatti’s, and even Lamborghini’s! Once you have bought a new car, players can personalize it by customizing the vehicle with different body styles, exhausts, wheels, and paint jobs. These things add a unique element to the game, as players can choose between a variety of different looks for their ride!

The car-customization feature is excellent, and players can also upgrade their cars by purchasing more vital engine parts that allow them to go faster, hit harder crashes, and perform better during races. Players can adjust suspension, weight ratios, steering, and many other features to get the most out of their cars!

Gear.Club - True Racing Cars

Driving Experience

A fascinating driving experience while the DRIVE gives you complete control over every aspect of your car, from engines and powertrains to suspensions, aerodynamics only in Gear.Club!


Gear Club’s graphics engine is very robust. It features realistic car models with detailed paint jobs and streets and backgrounds that are breathtaking to look at. Every time you race, the environment changes, so it never becomes repetitive or boring!

The graphics of Gear Club are some of the best we’ve seen on mobile to date! This racing game is incredibly realistic and lifelike, which gives it a great car game title. 


Gear Club offers players an extraordinary sound experience, thanks to its realistic sounds! The game also features a massive selection of soundtracks and allows players to choose what they want to hear while playing, which is a great feature that we’ve become accustomed to with other racing games.

The sound effects in Gear Club are fantastic. Car engines sound great, as do nitro boosts and crashes!


Gear club MOD APK offers a great map that gamers will enjoy exploring. The streets of Tokyo and the various locations around the city feature roads and places well known in Japan, such as Akihabara, Shibuya, and Yoyogi Park! They brought the map to life by including remarkable landmarks that will be familiar to those who have visited these places before!


You can complete missions and daily challenges in the game to earn extra money after completing a race.

Special Rewards

After finishing a race, players are rewarded with money based on their final placing to purchase new cars, upgrade them, and race again! Gear Club also gives players rewards for simply being active in the game. These include VIP points that can be used to get unique items and a daily reward that includes a free car part that will help keep up their savings to buy more powerful vehicles!

Daily challenges and Rewards

In Gear.Club players receive daily challenges that allow them to earn money and experience points. Gear Club also provides players with daily bonuses, which points can earn by logging into the game every day.

Gear Club Rewards

Add-on purchases

In Gear Club, players can also purchase additional cars and parts to improve their vehicles. This is an excellent way of adding replay value as gamers will try to unlock all the new cars and upgrade them as much as possible!

You can buy different things from different shops and workshops.

True Racing Shops and Workshops

Performance Shop:

In Performance Shop, you can upgrade for engine, turbocharger, suspension, and brakes. And transmission parts for your car.

You can also personalize its exterior and interior. You can put different accessories in your interiors like a big stereo and your favorite coffee cup, a different gear knob based on your taste in cars while driving. And If we talk about the exterior, you can add exhaust, spoilers, etc. And show off your custom-modified car.

In Performance Shop, you can also improve your car looks and performance by tuning.

Tyre workshop

In the Tyre workshop, you can buy new tires for your car from the workshop.

Paint shop

In the Paint shop, you can buy new paint jobs for your car, and you can also customize its paint.

Car shop

In the Car shop, you can buy new cars.

Modes in gear club mod apk


The primary mode in the Gear Club is the Championship, where players compete for first place against opponents with similar cars. Every Championship race lasts a few days, and players can compete in as many races as they want to become the champion.

Tournaments in gear club mod apk

In Gear Club, players can compete in tournaments. Every time you enter a tournament race, it will be your opponent for this round, and once you win, you will move to the next round.


The Gear Club League lets players compete against one another as they do in most racing games. In this way, your skills can be compared with those of other players around the world.


Gear Club features both online races and live tournaments that players can compete in against other people. Not only is the racing fast-paced, but it’s also enjoyable! If you enjoy playing games like Asphalt, Drag Racing, etc., you will love Gear.Club! The game allows players to battle each other using their custom-built cars to see who can come out on top!

Gear Club MOD APK Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • All cars are Unlocked
  • Upgrade features are unlocked

Unlimited Money

This Modified version apk allows you to buy anything in this game without having to worry about credits running out.

Unlimited Gold

You also have Unlimited Gold, so you can buy all the items available in the market that you can buy with gold.

All cars are Unlocked.

All cars are already unlocked, so you don’t need to reach a certain level to drive your favorite car in Gear.Club

Upgrade features are unlocked.

Upgrade features are unlocked it means you have all the shops and workshops, i.e., Performance Shop, Tyre workshop, Paint shop, etc.

There are mods for players to enhance their driving experience with powerful vehicles! The more you play, the faster and better your cars will become.

Things I liked the most in gear club mod apk

Best Graphics Best Soundtracks Big city to explore with different cool places Majority of Cars are unlocked. Good Car Customization is there. Excellent Paint Jobs and Rims to make your car stand out Many types of Racing Mode (Drifting, Drag, Circuit, etc.)

Unlock all the cars with Gear club MOD APK Cars which are pretty expensive to buy, but once you fully upgrade them, they are the best to race with.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is gear club true racing mod apk safe?

Yes, It’s 100% safe as we already tested it with antivirus.

Can we use gear club true racing mod apk on a PC/Laptop?

Yes, You can use it on a PC by using an Android Emulator.

Is this mod free?

Yes, the mod provided by us is completely free. Even you can make in-app purchases without paying.

Can I Play it any time?

Yes, the version provided by us will work properly at any time.


This is an immersive, high-quality racing experience for mobile devices with stunning graphics and realistic car handling. If you are looking for a game with everything in it, then Gear.Club MOD APK is a perfect choice. There is just too much to do and enjoy in this game which can keep you entertained at the same time.

I pretty much covered all the good things I liked about the gear club true racing mod apk. In my opinion, Gear Club, MOD APK is far better than most mobile car racing games.


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