Horrorfield MOD APK (Unlimited Money,All Characters Unlocked,Map Hack)


Horrorfield mod apk Is a modded version of the game Horrorfield with Unlimited Money, All Characters Unlocked, Map Hack.
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Horrorfield mod apk Is a modded version of the game Horrorfield with Unlimited Money, All Characters Unlocked, Map Hack. Horrorfield mod apk is an action shooter hybrid with RPG elements, and it features zombies! The game’s goal is to survive against waves of enemies or boss battles while managing your weapons, abilities, and health.  With this modded APK version, you can get Unlimited Money, All Characters Unlocked, Freeze, Map Hack without having to pay for it!

It has new graphics, more weapons, and revamped gameplay. I’m sure you’ve noticed how games like Resident Evil 7 and Outlast 2 are really scary. Well, if that’s what you’re into, then this is the perfect game for you! Horrorfield mod apk is a multiplayer survival horror game where players must work together to defeat the evil creatures in order to survive. It has excellent graphics and a fantastic soundtrack that will keep your heart racing with excitement!

Horrorfield MOD APK is a multiplayer game that forces players(survivors) to work together in order to escape the field. The cast of characters includes an engineer, who can build things and fix them, a scientist with access to more advanced technology, and so on.

Let’s talk about survivors in Horrorfield mod apk.

  1. The ENGINEER builds and repairs the generators needed to activate doors, but he needs a generator repair kit. He can also build barricades with wood planks for protection against monsters.
  2. A SCIENTIST is helpful due to her ability to craft weapons using tools from different classes of characters. She can upgrade most melee weapons into more powerful versions using blueprints and create grenades with the right ingredients.
  3. A POLICE OFFICER (POLICEMAN OR POLICEWOMAN) – they have a flashlight and can detect the position of both monsters and other players in dark places. They also carry keys that allow them to unlock doors faster than others but lack in strength and speed.
  4. The DOCTOR is an extremely useful character due to his ability to heal injured characters using bandages and other medical supplies. However, he’s weaker than the rest due to his lack of any weapon besides a syringe containing medicine that heals himself or others.
  5. The THIEF is an extremely useful character due to his ability to open locked doors and chests, giving access to items that would otherwise be out of reach. He is also able to find things other characters might not be able to see due to his higher movement speed. He can hide in shadows, making it easier for him to get away from a serial killer.
  6. The MERCENARY can use a variety of weapons, ranging from knives and axes to shotguns. He has better accuracy than other characters and can also move faster when carrying a gun, and isn’t afraid to kill others (Psycho) in order to survive.
  7. The BASKETBALL PLAYER is an extremely fast character with the ability to sprint.


Different psychos in Horrorfield mod apk Multiplayer


The Ghosts are great for hiding or running away from other players because of their invisibility power, but only if they stay still!

  • The ghosts cannot see each other when using this ability.
  • Ghosts can also hide behind objects to be undetected by others
  • They can pass through walls and obstacles.
  • They can also hide behind objects to be undetected by others.
  • Although they cannot interact with the environment, ghosts are still able to open doors if a key is available nearby.


The Butcher is a powerful and challenging opponent to face off against, but he has his weaknesses too!

He’s slow due to his giant stature. He cannot run or sprint as fast as the other psychos. If you can get away from him, it would be best because of how dangerous he is up close. He has a powerful chainsaw that does massive damage, but it is easy to dodge. The Butcher must stop moving completely before he breaks out the generators. He has a lot of health but is relatively easy to avoid with knowledge on his attacks and cooldown.


The Cultist has a very deadly flamethrower that will do constant damage. He can also shoot his gun at you from long distances, but it is not as accurate or powerful as the shotgun. In order to use his special abilities, he must first build up power by killing others and staying near generators for a few seconds. The Cultist can place bear traps that will damage other players if they walk over them.


The Beast is a very fast and powerful player with excellent mobility. He can sprint infinitely without slowing down like the other psychos. His only weapon is his claws which do massive damage up close, but he must get within melee distance to use them. The Beast has no ranged attacks, so staying far away from him is the best way to avoid getting hurt. The Beast has excellent mobility because of his ability to run up walls and leap far distances, but he can also climb through windows quickly, which makes it hard for others to escape his wrath!

The serial killer game has great atmospheric graphics that are filled with blood and violence. It features coop gameplay where you can escape from the serial killers 4v1 or play survivor mode by yourself! There are also manic modes where players work independently for hunting their victims in this survival horror experience

It’s not too late to start playing, so go ahead and download it today!!!


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