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PUBG Mobile Mod APK is a leading online multiplayer battle royal game. There is more than 100 million user and top-rated game in playstore.
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PUBG Mobile Mod APK is a leading online multiplayer battle royal game. There is more than 100 million user of PUBG mobile and its use does not end here the ratio of its downloading increasing day by day. This game is in the most top-rated games in the play store of Smartphones. This game is offered by Tencent Games. Tencent is a game development company and has been shared with PUBG Corporation. This industry of games launched many games not only on a smartphone as well as in computers. The PUBG Corporation also launched PUBG PC. It is also famous in computer games yet. This PC game needs a high specification of computer “For this game, you must have Graphic card of Geforce GTX 960 with at least 2GB of dedicated memory and also Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300”.

After a successful run of PUBG PC they observer the need for time so they decided to move towards the smartphones so they developed PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) mobile. They launched PUBG mobile in March 2018. At the start, PUBG mobile had several glitches and not so much high resolution in it. The user had also faced a lag issue. But with time, they do much improvement in the game. If we compare the new version with the previous then the changes are extraordinary not only in graphics, glitches, and lag but also do improvement in the interface as well. Now PUBG mobile is playing worldwide with its maximum feature and high definition of resolution. Now it’s tournaments are conducting all over the world. Its first tournament was held by PUBG E-sport. Russian team won the first cup by beating South Korea the team on August 11, 2019.

You can play PUBG mobile with your Facebook friends, family members and have a lot of fun. This game is offering a lot of entertainment. PUBG Mobile is providing you to play in three categories etc. solo, duo, and squad. You can play a match with random players and friends in a duo or squad. You have also the option of Solo if you want to play alone against solo, duo, or squad. When you play any match in three of these Classic, Quick, and Playlab match modes and survive till the death of the last enemy then you will be rewarded with chicken dinner. You can send a friend request to anyone whether he is your enemy or a random player. If you are under the age of 16 then you can play only for two hours. This game is available for free download.

Earning and Awards in PUBG Mobile Mod APK:-

As PUBG Mobile brings in the market it broke all the records of earning and downloading in the gaming industry. It was also famous for its PC version. So as it launched in smartphones play store for free to play and this game earned about 1.5$ billion in 2019 within just one year. If we compare PUBG Mobile with other games it was the second most downloaded game in the world. It also won the title of “Best Multiplayer game”, “Breakout game of the year” and “36th Golden joystick awards” it is also nominated as “Best game of the year” two times.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Modes and its Maps:-

PUBG mobile not only has plenty of features but also has multiple modes and maps that connect people around the world. For making maps more interesting and busy with the game, PUBG Mobile offers new events after every update. That event makes the game more exciting. There is a total of 4 modes in-game and every mode has its variety of maps. In all maps, if you want to win or take chicken dinner you have to kill the last enemy.

How to Play the PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

First, you need to download PUBG Mobile mod APK for free. When you install the game with all of its resource packs also from download in settings for a better experience then you can start playing. Multiple modes of the game will busy you in the game and explain further in this best article of PUBG Mobile if you playing the ranked Classic game you have the option to select any of four maps and start to play.

There are a total of 4 multiple modes of PUBG Mobile Mod APK:-

First and heart of the game Classic:-

PUBG Mobile Mod APK has five maps now in the start it has four maps.

First and new map Livik with so many covers and loot. This is the shortest map of the PUBG Mobile. You enjoy thrill and action in it. There is so much loot in it for the players. There is a total of 50 players in the match including you and bots. These bots carry random names play like an actual player. You will jump from a plane with 50 players in the match.

Second and the most played map Erangle in PUBG Mobile. This map is less grassy than Synhok. There are two bridges in it that connect two islands. This is the second biggest map of PUBG Mobile. In this map, you jumped from the plane with 100 players and try to survive till the last zone and kill many as much as possible.

The third one is Miramar this is the biggest all of the maps. This map looks like a desert area. You must have a vehicle and more healing than others. Sniper is the need for this map.

The fourth one is Synhok. This map is so grassy that you can barely see the enemy if he is lay down in the grass. There are also 100 players in it.

Fifth and the last one Vikendi. This map is full of snow and has a G3 gun found on this map. These are the five maps of PUBG Mobile where you can spend your free time with numerous features. How to play? You have an option to select different modes and maps in the left bottom corner. You have to choose to select more than one map but play one at a time severs automatically suggests a map for you but if you select only one map then you will enter the lobby of that match. Just select the mode and map and weight for matching.

Second the Arcade Mode:-

This mode is best for training if you are a new player in PUBG Mobile. In this mode of PUBG Mobile, there are three types of match Quick match, Sniper training, and the War.

This mode doesn’t have its maps their matches are played in Erangle, Synhok, and Miramar. In this mode, matches end in less time than classic mode matches. These maps also have features of solo, duo, and squad. In a Quick match, you will land from the plane with 28 players. This match is mostly loaded in Erangle but sometimes it will start in Synhok. In Sniper training only DMR and Bolt action sniper guns are in loot. The pistol is also available for pickup. There is a total of 40 players in this match. War match can only be played in Erangle within the small zone and this match will be ended in just 8 minutes. Only selected will be provided by the server to all players no one has the option to select a gun on its own.

Only in this match, you will respawn when you died. How to Play? This mode is in the second category from where you select classic mode some time in Arcade mode you are not able to play these matches but you don’t need to worry sooner or later these matches are accessible.  You just need to select mode Arcade and select any match type and hit start.

Third Arena mode of PUBG Mobile:-

PUBG Mobile is offering you multiple varieties in this mode. This model has five types Teamdeath match, Arena, Gun game, Domination town, and Assault.

In the Teamdeath match, you can play only in the squad. You have to kill your opponent team members 40 times first within 8 minutes otherwise you will lose the same rule for your opponent. Every Player has his loadout where he keeps any 5 guns. When he respawns he has only five seconds to change a gun from loadout if he wants. As much as you play your loadout gun’s attachment unlock.

If we talk about Arena then it is the same as a team deathmatch but in Arena, you can gun at any time guns are available for you at any time.

In Gun game match you have already an Uzi SMG gun as you kill one enemy from it the gun will change to the next this change continues at the end you have the Pan you have to kill one enemy with Pan before your opponent otherwise you will lose.

Domination town is more interested in the game you will be provided with the area you need to make sure that it will not be lost by you.

Last but not least Assault has the same rule as TDM and Arena but its location is changed from then its area is grassy and bigger than both. You have the option to pick up any gun at any time.

Play Lab

This mode of PUBG Mobile is different from others. It doesn’t have its maps. We can only play it in just Erangle. In this mode, weapons are more dangerous and difficult to use than others. There are different kinds of Missiles available to use. It has also a feature to use Helicopter in-game, vehicles are upgraded and bag pack has more capacity to keep guns and ammo.

There is the option to select Training where you can set the sensitivity of your scope by aiming at given targets. Now it is available with different attributes you can challenge easily to anyone in the training room just select that person and choose the type of match. Start playing.


Let’s see what the is Season in PUBG Mobile? Every Season consists of 2 months. After every 2 months, the new season of PUBG Mobile comes. Every season comes with its new rewards and thrilling mission. After every two months, a new season arrives and brings a new event and breathtaking reward with it. Every PUBG Mobile player is waiting for a new season update desperately. Everyone tries his best not only to complete the mission first but as well as his priority is to get maximum rewards not only from the mission but from crates.


In PUBG Mobile there are three types of Creates Classic crates, Premium crates, and Custom crates. Every crate has its coupons. Every crate is made from 10 coupons.  These coupons are available at different events and also give you rewards. Not only to engage people with the game but also to keep more and more attention in the game and spend more time,


PUBG provides a factor of Rank. What are Ranks in PUBG Mobile?

There are a total of eight different Ranks of a player in PUBG Mobile. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conquer. Every rank starts from V to I it means you have to move from SilverV to SilverI then you will jump to the next Gold level. Every game that you play will give you a point if you survived the enemy as much as you survive and kill more enemy you will get rewarded with points. But if you die or kill by the enemy early in the game without surviving in the top 10 more points withdraw from your rank. As early you die from the top 100 as much point will be detected. If you are a new player then your rank starts from Bronze but if you played a game in the previous season then it starts from Platinum or Gold.

Premium Royal pass

Now we discuss what is Premium Royal Pass? and How we can buy it?  From Royal Pass, you will get amazing Guns, Helmets, Backpack skins, and awesome outfits, etc. We can buy it from the play store by sim billing or bank account.

The rank of RP, Missions, and Rewards

What is the Rank of RP, Missions, and its Rewards in PUBG Mobile? How to complete the mission? And how to increase Rank?

In the mid of the right side, there is an RP button available from where you can check Rank in RP, Mission, and its Rewards. RP starts from 1 to 100 as much as you complete missions your RP rank from 1 to 100.

The mission is in form of instructions when you complete that instruction you will be rewarded with Points. Points are from 10 to 100. These points are added to your RP and every RP one point is equal to 100 points of mission rewards. The mission is available in weeks. After every week new mission will open. These are of two types one is available for everyone and the other is available for those who buy premium PUBG Mobile Royal pass.

Now the last thing is Rewards in PUBG Mobile. Rewards are connected with your RP points. Rewards are of two types, one is available for all and the other rewards are only for those who buy PUBG Mobile Royal pass. This is all about thrill, action, and shooting PUBG Mobile game.

Let’s discuss PUBG Mobile Mod APK Feature:-

PUBG mobile is a top free #1 royal battleground game.

  • It has also a feature of a private room where you can challenge your, friends, or friends, for any match.
  • In this game, you have the option of voice chat or you can message your teammates.
  • You can also do voice chat with the enemy to change your microphone and speaker from the team to all when they are near to you.
  • Best application for in touch with your buddies and communicate.
  • PUBG game also explores your mind to make different and amazing strategies in critical situations.
  • You can enjoy action and thrill while playing.
  • It can provide you to play multiple modes.
  • It also provides you a feature of realistic gameplay.
  • In PUBG Mobile you can play with random and make them friends if you don’t have any friends to play with.
  • It has also a feature that you can create a locked custom room and either adds more or less one hundred players or share room passwords to whom you want to play with.

The best app to get rid of Boredom:-

PUBG Mobile is the best game to get rid of boredom. It connects you all over the world. This game busy thousands of people in this pandemic situation. It features, mode and Graphic are so amazing that once you start playing you just feel amazing. Here is the beauty of this game is that it doesn’t need a high specification of smartphones. It not only helps people to spend their extra time in a good way but also keeps them away from other bad activities. PUBG Mobile is now playing worldwide.

In some countries this game had been ban permanently on the other hand it would also face a temporary ban. Its update and every four to six month make it more attractive to play. Its season comes with many surprises. Everyone tries to reach its conqueror tier rank but not everyone becomes successful. Only the top 100 players will be reward by conqueror tier and title in each server.


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