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In Total Conquest mod apk, you'll play a real-time strategy game themed around medieval themes. It was developed and published by Game Loft and released on March 31, 2012, for the Android platform.
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Total Conquest Mod Apk is an action-packed, intense strategy game that will challenge your strategic skills. You’ll need to choose the best possible path for victory while defending against any enemy who dares to cross it.

The best part about Total Conquest mod apk is that it offers the chance to build and develop your empire.

The gameplay of Total Conquest Mod Apk :

The game mechanics are based on the classic combination of real-time strategy and tower defense genres. You have to capture new lands, train an army, and destroy your enemies.

Total Conquest Mod Apk’s gameplay can be divided into two parts. The first phase is a turn-based strategy, during which you have to choose an army and send it to the battlefield. The second phase is a real-time strategy, during which you have to realize your plans on the open map.

In total, the gameplay offers two levels of complexity:

  • First for advanced players and advanced fans of tower defense games.
  • Second for beginners and casual players. 

Conquering kingdoms, castles, and villages

Once you have experienced both levels for this game, you can now build your kingdom and must fight to conquer other ones. Also, you will be able to raid the land and castles of other players to acquire valuable items.

You can go for attacking villages where you don’t have any unit stationed and gather more resources. The good thing about this is that if you’re successful in conquering them, you will get all the resources for free. This process is called looting, and it is crucial, especially if you want to have a higher-level unit.

Raiding other players castles in total conquest hack android

You can raid another player’s castle after defeating the units that are guarding the land. The first thing that you have to do before attacking them is to plan. You have to determine which units are more effective in defeating the other players and plan to lose some of your units. Always make sure that you are not outnumbered before entering into a battle, or else it will be difficult for you to win even if you have stronger armies.

Looting villages in total conquest mod

If there is any player’s village near your land, you must raid them. You always want to be the first one who initiates an attack because if not, they will act faster than you, and your chance of gaining resources will decrease. By doing this, you can get more Gold to buy better stuff needed in advancing to the next level of the game.

Also, you can protect your villages in case other players want to loot them. You can do this by keeping some units stationed there and defending their land from any invaders trying to take over the villages.


It would be best if you did all of these things to win at the Total Conquest Mod Apk game. You can also use some cheats or tricks for getting ahead of other players, but it is still best to be wise with what you are doing so that you will not get easily detected. But if you do get caught playing cheat total conquest apk, deny everything and say that it’s just pure coincidence even if they can see your screen on the hacked version.

Choosing Army

You have to choose your army wisely. Use the strengths of each race and discover their weaknesses. Keep in mind that most of the units are designed for fighting on certain types of terrain. You can also hire mercenaries, which will come in handy if you do not have enough soldiers for capturing enemy lands or defending your lands.

Multiplayer Mode

Total Conquest Mod Apk also has a multiplayer mode, where you can challenge other players. Defeating them will give you access to their resources. You can also join forces with other players, ensuring your victory in battles against powerful opponents.

You have the opportunity to play hack total conquest android apk both defensively and offensively throughout Total Conquest mod apk. Keep an eye on the enemy’s movements to determine which strategy you should choose. Try to plan your actions ahead of time to counter their assaults.

Your ultimate goal is to become the ruler of all known lands in Total Conquest mod apk. Only this way you can ensure peace and prosperity for your empire!

Game Modes:

There is only one game mode in the game, but they plan to add more modes later.

The main task of the player is not to repel attacks from enemies and capture their territories. You will need to expand your empire and make allies with the players of other kingdoms. To do this, you need to fight fierce battles against them or sign a peace treaty.

To win the game, you need to destroy the castles of all players on your server or collect more trophies than other players. And it would be better to do both at once. An exit portal will appear as soon as you destroy all castles of an opponent or collect more trophies. You need to pass through it with your army and become the winner of the game.

You can also make your opponent an ally by signing a peace treaty with him. He will join you in subsequent battles against other server players without attacking you at all, giving only his resources.

How to create a peace treaty in Total Conquest Mod Apk?

To create a peace treaty, you should enter the alliance chat and write / peace name of a player. Then he will receive your request and can accept it if he wants. 

Different Servers

You will be able to play Total Conquest Mod Apk on at least two different servers. The more such servers you join, the faster you collect trophies and get bonuses from them.

Each server has its separate chat room for sending requests or making peace treaties.

However, you can ally with any player from any server. This process is done through chats of different servers. You will receive a link and send it to your friend via private messages or e-mail.

The more allies you have, the faster their kingdoms grow and the easier it becomes for them to defeat enemies.

If one of your allies is attacked by another player, you will receive a notification about this attack. You can enter his defense if he helped you recently or helped other allies. Otherwise, there is no need to help him.

You can make peace with an opponent to join their alliance without fear of betrayal or attacks from them later. 

Game features:

  • Two levels of complexity
  • Three races (humans, orcs, and elves)
  • Five types of towers
  • Four basic spells
  • Six special skills for your hero
  • Twenty kinds of enemies (including bosses) with unique abilities

Two levels of complexity

There are two levels of complexity available for the game, which are easy and normal. Both levels depict how you have to engage with your resources to buy defense equipment, soldiers and utilize them for battles against other players. One must understand how all this works well before even entering the ingenious world of Total Conquest Mod Apk. The higher your understanding of the game is, the easier you’ll have to acquire better gears and unit levels.

First Level

The first level for this game is easy, which helps newcomers play comfortably without being too complicated with knowing what to do at first. At easy mode, some of your units will be set on auto-battle mode so that they may kill other units easily without letting them get killed. Auto battle is beneficial for newbies because they can increase their unit levels and acquire other valuable resources without getting hurt.

Second Level

The second level is normal, which you can unlock when your units are well-trained and equipped with a certain level of resourceful items. The enemies at this phase will be more challenging to defeat compared to the ones in easy mode.

Three races (humans, orcs, and elves)

There are three races present in-game, which include humans, orcs, and elves. Each race has its unique units with its strengths and weaknesses. You need to know all these before starting the game, or you’ll end up losing.

Humans are good at long-range battles, while the Orcs excel during melee attacks against enemies. There are specific units of both races that can perform magic attacks. The Elves are terrible in close combat, with their units being weak, but they have the highest rate of health regeneration compared to other races.

Five types of towers

There are five types of towers present for the game, and they vary in power and ability to attack: archers, spearmen, guards, wizards, and priests. It would be best to keep changing them out depending on the enemy units, for they are strong against some while weak against others.

Four basic spells

There are four basic spells present in the game which you can use to fight your battles effectively: heal, rage, haste, and Meteor.

  • A healing spell is beneficial in keeping your units alive, which you can use to train them faster.
  • Rage spell lets you deal more damage with your units for a limited time.
  • Haste makes your units move faster.
  • Meteor deals heavy damage against enemies but has a long cool-down time before Meteor can use it again.

Six special skills for your hero

Each player will have the unique hero to level up into becoming better over time using rubies acquired through battles or bought through an online store.

There are six different kinds of skills that you can choose from as per your personal preference: destruction, teleportation, aura, meteor shower, summoning, and ice power.

  • Destruction increases the attack rate of your units and decreases the defense of enemies.
  • Teleportation makes your hero move to a location instantly with no damage taken.
  • An aura surrounds your hero and boosts its strength and speed.
  • Meteor Shower deals heavy damage on all enemy troops in range based on your power level for this spell.
  • Summoning allows you to summon soldiers that can clear up space or deal with other types of monsters.
  • Ice Power lets you freeze an enemy unit, making it unable to attack temporarily.

Twenty kinds of enemies (including bosses) with unique abilities

There are twenty different types of enemies present in the game, along with six boss fights made available at certain stages during gameplay which need to be fought against by using specific strategies according to their kind. Each type has its skills and abilities that can be used to defeat them much easier.

Ranged units

Ranged units can attack from a distance without letting you get near them.

Heavy troops

Heavy troops with powerful attacks are slow when moving around. You need to keep away from their range, or they will surely kill you quickly.

Regular towers

Regular towers can’t kill flying units that move high in the sky but rather specialized ones against flying enemies.

Berserker troops

Berserker troops have a very high health point compared to other enemy types and won’t stop chasing after your hero until it dies. You’ll need to teleport away from battle quickly before it’s too late, for your hero’s life is at stake here!


Pikemen are fast melee units with lots of health points. You can’t kill them in one hit, so taking them down will be a bit difficult considering they have high speed.

They are either shielded units or have special abilities that let them deal more damage to you using their weapons. Try to take them out first before engaging other troops to prevent unnecessary losses on your side.

Nine races, ten towers, forty levels, fifty spells, eighty-five enemies, and one hundred twenty hours of gameplay! A must-try for all Android gamers who like real-time strategy games like Clash of Clans (CoC), this app comes with the improved update which brings new features such as fantastic PvP battles, new look and feels for game graphics, new quests to fulfill for each mission, and much more.

Total Conquest Mod Apk Graphics and Sound

In Total Conquest, you will enjoy detailed 3D graphics with dozens of upgradable structures, hundreds of unit types, and many races to choose from as the ultimate ruler.

The game features hand-drawn backgrounds and maps, which can be zoomed in or out depending on the gamer’s preference to provide a better visual experience for players of all ages.

Sound effects are equally impressive, especially during spells and enemy attacks, while background music enhances the gameplay more than one would expect.

Total Conquest Mod Apk Features:

  • Infinite Gold
  • Infinite Stone
  • Unlimited Food
  • Instant Build All Buildings
  • Unlimited Units Build time 0sec
  • Unlimited Attack Time
  • Unlimited Health Attack
  • Unlimited Unit Capacity Attack

Infinite Gold

Infinite Gold is a mod that allows gamers to have unlimited resources for them to use for free.

Infinite Stone

Infinite Stone will give players an unlimited amount of stones to have access to more powerful items.

Unlimited Food

Unlimited Food is a mod that lets players have an unlimited amount of food to create troops easily and quickly.

Instant Build All Buildings

Instant Build All Buildings is a hack that allows gamers to build their items much faster than usual.

Unlimited Units Build time 0sec

Unlimited Units Build time 0sec is a mod that lets players have an unlimited amount of units to create their army in no time.

Unlimited Attack Time

Unlimited Attack Time will require players to have an unlimited amount of attack times to defeat their enemies.

Unlimited Health Attack

Unlimited Health Attack is a hack that allows gamers to defeat enemies with ease and without losing health.

Unlimited Unit Capacity Attack

Unlimited Unit Capacity Attack allows gamers to have an unlimited amount of units in their army so that they can fight battles easily with a huge ARMY.

And much more…


How to download Total Conquest Mod Apk?

You can download the game from directly for free.

If you don’t know how to download Total Conquest Mod Apk, follow the link I provided for you because it works great every time (100% guaranteed). Then, you can install it on your android device and enjoy the game right away!

Who can use Total Conquest Mod Apk?

In short, Everyone, This mod is perfect for those who find this game interesting.

Are the mods safe?

Yes, you can be sure that they are.

The mods are modified versions of the original game file, so your smartphone will not be harmed by them in any way. Just use them and enjoy the game!

How to install Total Conquest Mod Apk?

Just like any other apk file you can download from, all you have to do is make sure that your device has “install from unknown sources” enabled.

The game Total Conquest hack will help you win all battles easily when playing total conquest online. This modified version of Total Conquest has a new twist on the classic gameplay Total Conques. Download game total conquest hack now!

What's new

  • Performance Improvements
  • Optimizations
  • Bug Fixes


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